Plastic Process EquipmentForemost Machine Builders Inc. manufacturers equipment and complete turn key systems for a variety industries including material handling, plastic processing, recycling and scrap reclaim.

Material Handling

Foremost Machine Builders is a leading designer and provider of equipment for material handling systems involving bulk materials. For the plastics industry, material handling is the study of systems and equipment required for the movement of plastic resin, whether it be pellet, granule, powder or flakes. When it comes to the manufacturing process in general, the material being handled can come in any size, shape, weight or form. - Material Handling

Plastic Processing

Foremost Machine Builders is a leading manufacturer of auxiliary equipment for plastic processing systems. In today's highly competitive plastic world, meeting customer needs and safety requirements can mean all the difference in the world. In plastic processing, this can mean breaking down plastic mechanically into smaller pellets, to modifying key ingredients in blending calculations on a hourly basis, transporting powdered materials to packaging lines quickly and effectively, and heating and cooling processes consistently and reliably. - Plastic


Since the construction of the very first material handling system in 1958, we have extended our tradition of innovation and craftsmanship to the enormous challenge of plastics recycling. Today we continue as a leading designer and provider of automated, state-of-the-art, post-consumer plastic recycling equipment for plastic recyclers and compounders. - Recycling

Scrap Reclaim

We are a leading designer and provider of automated, state-of-the-art, scrap reclaim systems. We supply a closed loop or open loop system for plastic processors who want to reclaim plastic scrap that is left over from the process. Scrap Reclaim

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Plastic Process Equipment


Plastic Process Equipment

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