Blenders and Feeders

Foremost blenders and feeders offer the digital accuracy and rugged dependability that make your process line more efficient. Fully programmable and compact, our blenders are integrated, self loading, automatic systems that save operator time and reduce the margin of error. A more accurate blend means higher product quality at the end.

Loss-weight, batch-watch, and volumetric blenders offer a full range of capabilities:

  • 10-10,000 lb/hr
  • 2-20 ingredients
  • accuracy to 0.1%

Choose the stand-alone or machine-mounted blender, either standard or customized, to meet your requirements. Foremost has been helping plastic processors with practical solutions to material handling needs for more than fifty years. We'll be happy to demonstrate in our own laboratory a full range of capabilities that can strengthen your process and your entire operation.

Volumetric Blenders

Foremost Volumetric Blenders are available with bin capacity of 150 lbs. to 2000 lbs. They are ideally suited for machine mounted or on high legs for vacuum take-away. Our standard unit is designed to blend virgin and regrind and up to two color additives to the processing machine at a fixed constant rate. The Foremost volumetric blenders are ideally suited for conventional blow molding, injection molding and extrusion.

Models Available: Models Available: MB-150, MB-400, MB-1000, MB-2000, VDBL, PEF-II, Fluff Reclaim

VDBL Blenders PEF II Blenders Fluff Reclaim MB Series Blenders
VDBL PEF II Fluff Reclaim MB Series

Gravimetric Blenders

In the search for greater blend accuracy, Foremost patented the first Multi-Component Gravimetric Blender in 1984 which controlled the blending process by weight rather than by volume. Our latest models feature tighter controls, improved quick-change capability, and offer more versatile controls. Our models are available as Batch or Continuous, as target-rate, target-weight, and gain-in-weight systems. Feeder options include slide gates, pinch valves, vibratory feeders and augers. Units can be supplied with dynamic or static mixers.

Models Available: LWB, MLWB, BWB, CLWB, MBWB, AT Series

MBWB Blenders AT Series Blenders CLWB Blenders LWB Series Blenders
MBWB AT Series CLWB LWB Series

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