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Gravimetric BlendersForemost manufactures gravimetric blenders to meet the metering and blending needs of the plastics industry. Our Mini-Batch Weigh Blender is a fully integrated, automatic weighing system which meters individual ingredients sequentially into a centrally mounted weigh chamber.

The metering feeders offer dual speed (bulk/dribble) operation for maximum throughput while maintaining high accuracy. Each ingredient is weighed and totalled. When a batch is completed, it is held until called for. This allows the system to be integrated with any existing process.

Design Features

Our standard gravimetric blenders have feature up to four ingredient stations located over an integral weigh chamber. Each station consists of a modular 1.5 cu. ft. quick change hopper and vibratory feeder assembly. The central .75 cu. ft. weigh chamber is suspended from a hermetically sealed load cell, and all components are mounted to a common rigid frame.

Interchangeable hoppers are complete with sightglass, handles, snap-on lid, and maunal slide gate. Virbratory feeder asssemblies are bolted to the support frame in individual cradles. This feature facilitates quick removal for maintenance. The patented weigh chamber suspension provides highly accurate, reproducible weighing while reducing the potential for load cell damage inherent in other systems.

The MBWB controls for our gravimetric blenders consists of separate high and low voltage panels, minimizing the effects of electromagnetic noise and enhancing system reliability. The low voltage panel houses the field proven Foremost FDP IV digital weigh processor interfaced with an industrial programmable controller. Operator controls are located on the face of the panel and twin LED dispalys indicate all system operating parameters on both a real-time and accumulated basis. Data entry is though a numeric touchpad secured by a keyswitch. Controls include full alarm and condition indicators.

MBWB-400 Mini Batch Weigh BlendersMBWB-400 Mini Batch Weigh Blenders

The Foremost Model MBWB-400 Mini Batch Weigh Blender can feed and blend pellet and regrind materials at rates up to 1,500 lbs/hr.

This unit comes standard with One (1) 400 lb. capacity split bin, 200 lb. capacity for each bin complete with high level proximity switch, individual vibratory feeder, slide gate, drain tube, and hinged cover with provisions to accept a vacuum chamber.

When color or additive materials are added a 50 lb. capacity bin is supplied bins each complete with a slide gate, high level proximity switch and vibratory feeder. Mounting for vacuum loading is standard. The MBWB-400 can accept one or two of these bins.

Weigh hoppers are included to accept material from vibratory feeders. They are available in capacities ranging from 0.6 to 2.0 cubic foot. Each weigh hopper is supplied complete with two (2) load cells, air operated dump valve for automatic discharge.

All of these components are mounted on a rigid floor stand.

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