High Volume Granulators - S-30B, S-45, S-60

High Volume Granulators 3030This line of high capacity, heavy duty granulators can accommodate heavy extruded or cast sheet, or thermoforming scrap. Additionally, they are well suited for batch granulator of scrap parts, sprues and runners, and, due to the relatively small cutting circle and special knife design, can accommodate moderate size purgings and lumps. Throughputs well over 1,000 lbs. per hour are achieved with most materials.

The cutting chamber, a heavy one-piece weldment, has all internal surfaces ground smooth for easiest cleaning during color or material changovers. The assembly is mounted on I-beams on the smaller size, and on the large sizes, a 3" thick steel bed plate; which results in maximum rigidity, even under stress, for the frame and drive mechanism.

Download the S-30B, S-45, S-60 Granulators Brochure.

The rotor is solid steel with three rows of knives. These knives are specially ground on a shear angle for point contact cutting. A multiplicity of 15" long knives is used, rather than one long knife. This arrangement permits the removal of one knife from each r4ow for stagger-cutting action sometimes used on thinner materials.

Double row spherical, self-aligning roller bearings support the rotor on its journals. Maximum cutting torque is applied to both ends of the rotor through two heavy fly wheels, eliminating rotor twist and angular deflection.

While the standard machine is supplied with a hand-feed hopper, a full width air-operated roller feeder is available for the automatic introduction of sheet material at precisely regulated rates.

The machines are normally supplied with a pneumatic unloading system designed to fit beneath the grinder , minimizing floor space requirements This system airveys the regrind to a storage bin or the scrap bin of a Dupex Blender or other automatic recycling system.

  S-30B S-45 S-60
Throat Size: 12" x 30" 12" x 45" 12" x 60"
Knives, Stationary:
4 6 8
Knives, Rotary: 6 9 12
Power Options: 1-100 HP 2-30 HP 2-40 HP
    2-50 HP 2-50 HP
    2-75 HP 2-75 HP
Shipping Weight: 7,500 lbs. 11,000 lbs. 16,000 lbs.

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