Heavy Duty Granulators HD-6/HD-6C

HD-6/HD-6C Granulators by ForemostThe HD-6 heavy duty granulator has been a trademark grinder at Foremost for over 50 years. The dairy package of this model is especially popular. Recently, Foremost has improved on a good idea and introduced the HD-6C, specifically designed to reduce dust and fines.

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Standard Features - HD-6

  1. Tangential Feed.
  2. Self aligning flange bearing.
  3. 15 HP motor.
  4. NEMA 12 enclosure.
  5. Various rotor configurations available.
  6. Various hoppers available.


  • 14" X 18" throat size.
  • 12" cutting diameter.
  • Two or three bladed rotors available.
  • 15 HP motor.
  • Arranged for hand or blower discharge.

Offset Rotor


  • Direct drive blower.
  • Bottle hopper.
  • Conveyor hopper.
  • Various screen sizes.
  • Sound attenuated model available.

HD-6 Granulators

Above is an HD-6C with an extension and an air relief elbow in a regrind room in a blow molding plant. Trim scrap and scrap bottles are conveyed to the grinder through a scrap duct system utilizing scrap blowers and 10” square duct.

Granulators naturally produce dust, especially with dull knives and improper knife gap. Dust is greatly reduced with the HD-6C. A three-bladed rotor is used to "shear" material instead of "take a bite" out of the material.

Some of the major differences between the two are:

1) Three 16" hi-shear in place of two 18" hook knives
2) Rotary knives are substantially narrower than the cutting chamber to provide clearance to the sideplate so that the knives do not drag bottles against the chamber wall and generate dust.
3) The lower bed knife of the HD-6C was moved to the opposite side of the knife block to change the cutting arrangement with the rotary knives.

Standard Features - HD-6C

1. Large throat will accept oversize bottles.
2. Large cutting area for high thruputs.
3. Designed to reduce fines and streamers.
4. Knives designed to eliminate dragging bottle against chamber.
5. Screen design incorporating edge seals.

HD - 6 2-Bladed Hook Rotor

HD - 6C 3-Bladed Hi Shear Rotor

HD - 6.2 Bladed Hook Rotor HD-6/HD-6C Granulators by Foremost

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