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In order to sell food or pharmaceutical products on the market today, processors have to meet strict governmental standards. These requirements, (referred to as the FDA guidelines in the US), are used to guarantee the quality standards for foods and pharmaceutical products.

Strict quality standards are never higher than they are for the food that we eat and consume. Consumers expect food producers to take all the necessary precautions to prevent metal contamination, and to meet that expectation, processors are constantly on the look out for superior metal detection.

In the foodstuff industry, one must ensure that no contaminants get into the final goods, which would result in cost-intensive production losses and in the worst case, loss of life or illness. We offer a new generation of devices using the latest in metal detection technology. With M-Pulse technology, is possible to setup a quality management system in accordance with HACCP requirements.

How do metals come into food?

The main causes of metallic impurities are:

  • Cuttings (e.g. maintenance work)
  • Broken off machine parts
  • Dirty Containers
  • Inadvertence
  • Sabotage
  • Production Flows
  • Quality lacking of the vendors

Consumers expect only the best in their food and pharmaceutical products. They expect processors take all the necessary measures to ensure that products are never contaminated. Choosing the right metal detector plays a major role in meeting these high demands. Below are a series of articles to help you make the right purchasing decision.

Metal Detection
Metal Detector Applications
Choosing the Right Detector
Installation Guidelines
What is Product Effect

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