Pharmaceutical Metal Separators

The quality control needs of the pharmaceutical industry are strict and varied. There is a growing need for the rapid analysis of incoming raw materials where both identification and purity results are critical. Our metal detectors are a response to the need for a whole new approach to metal detection. While most metal detectors today are too complicated, and difficult to set up, we are committed to providing you the kind of rugged reliability in a simple easy-to-use system without sacrificing performance. Our high performance metal separators offer unsurpassed sensitivity, providing you with advanced detection of metal contaminants in powder, granules and pellets.

Pharmaceutical Metal Separators
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Choosing the Right Pharmaceutical Metal Detector

Tablets, pills and powders. The pharmaceutical industry is an industry with strict hygienic requirements. Tablets, pills and powders are monitored for metal using sensitive detectors prior to being packaged. Setting new standards in quality control for the pharmaceutical industry, the M-Pulse PH is designed to screen pills and capsules at the outfeed of tablet presses and capsule filling machines.

The advantage of such an application is the tiny size of the tablet. This makes it possible to revert back to extremely small detection openings. Tablets slide through a detector and a downstream filter separates out any tablets containing metal. The M-Pulse PH was adapted to all the hygiene requirements for the pharmaceutical industry. Cleaning of all the parts occurs in seconds. We recommend using a separating filter. In that way, one filter can be cleaned while the other one is in use. The M-Pulse PH metal separator is designed for the control of pills in free falling material flows. It separates contaminants without air pressure (electro-mechanical), is constructed with stainless steel and offers sensitivity levels up to 2.0 mm. Diameter sizes: 50 x 20, 70 x 20, 80 mm x 30 mm.

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