Plastic Auxiliary Equipment

Plastic Auxiliary EquipmentForemost Machine Builders Inc. manufactures plastic auxiliary equipment for the plastics industry including granulators, gravimetric and volumetric blenders, vacuum and pressure loaders, railcar unloaders, metal separators, dryers, chillers, recycling systems and reclaim equipment. All our machines are available in a full range of sizes on an individual basis or integrated into a turn-key, plant wide processing system.

One of the primary goals in any plastic manufacturing process is the consistent and homogenous melting and blending of resins. Consistent particle size is critical in the melting process because different particle sizes donít melt at the same rate.

Kinds of Granulators

1. Clean Room Granulators.
2. Under-The-Press.
3. Thermoforming Granulators.
4. Beside-The-Press.
5. Tangential Granulators.
6. Central-Medium Granulators.
7. Central Granulators.

Metal Detection

Another high priority is metal detection. Increasing material costs and inclusion of recycled content in molded products makes effective granulation and grinding of sprues and rejects more important than ever. Even the smallest of metal fragments can mean significant damage to a granulator. When ferrous metals are detected by a metal detector, it is removed from the process before the granulation process begins.

Resin Dryers

The third most important part of the plastic making process is the drying of the resin. Variations in resin dryness can cause a lot of headaches. A lot of newer dryers have features that help you dry resin properly, particularly when it comes to monitoring the supply and return air and reacting accordingly.


In the search for greater blend accuracy, Foremost holds the patent for the first Multi-Component Gravimetric Blender which controlled the blending process by weight rather than by volume. Our latest models feature tighter controls, improved quick-change capability, and offer more versatile controls. Our models are available as Batch or Continuous, as target-rate, target-weight, and gain-in-weight systems. Feeder options include slide gates, pinch valves, vibratory feeders and augers. Units can be supplied with dynamic or static mixers.

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plastic auxiliary equipment

plastic auxiliary equipment

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