Material Handling Equipment

Material Handling EquipmentOur comprehensive line of material handling equipment includes grinders, blenders, loaders, dryers, chillers, weighers, metal separators, feeders, blowers, bulk bag dischargers and shipping container unloaders. All are available in a full range of sizes on an individual basis or integrated into a turn-key, plant wide processing system.

We provide our systems complete from conceptual Process Flow Diagrams through installation and commissioning. Our products are listed below:

Our Products:

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Foremost Machine Builders manufactures material handling equipment for the delivery of plastic resin as well as for its distribution to the processing equipment. Our expertise covers the entire installation and operation of dilute and dense phase pneumatic conveying systems - from the delivery of materials by truck or railcar, right through to the storage and distribution of those materials to the process equipment. While we are primarily concerned with the movement of plastic resin, whether it be pelletized, granulated, powered, or flaked material, the application of our systems is virtually unlimited.

Replacement Parts & Components

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For anyone who is interested in learning more about what we offer in the way of material handling equipment and technical expertise, it is important to understand what we mean by material handling. While our machines were specifically designed for the plastics industry, they have many potential applications when it comes to the handling of similar material.

Delivery Equipment

The equipment for a pneumatic delivery system might typically include vacuum loaders, pumps, receivers and blower packages, i.e., a positive displacement or centrifugal blower. Our Vacuum Loaders provide efficient vacuum conveying and come in two basic configurations:

Central Vacuum Systems VF-05/VF-07A
Self-Contained Vacuum Loaders B-6-2, B-8-6C

Our central vacuum systems are available from 5 HP to 100 HP and up 27 stations making them ideal for large production loads. The self-contained vacuum loaders were designed for moderate hopper and bin loading tasks. Our vacuum loaders feature the Format IV Control Panel which is a user-friendly PLC based vacuum loading system controller. The Format IV has the capability of controlling up to 3 vacuum pumps and 27 loading stations in any combination of pumps and stations as required.

Distribution and Pre-Processing Equipment

When it comes to the distribution of the material, we manufacture equipment to distribute the material whether it be directly or indirectly to the processing equipment. When plastic resin, for instance, is stored in outdoor silos and brought inside the facility, it can be distributed to the extrusion equipment in one of two ways: either directly or indirectly. When the system is an indirect distribution, the material must pass through a number of intermediate pieces of auxiliary equipment before reaching the extruder hopper.

Those pieces of equipment typically include four operations and the corresponding machinery:

Grinding and Cutting Granulators/Grinders
Blending Blenders
Drying Dehumidifying Dryers
Metal Removal Metal Separators/Detectors

During this indirect distribution, the material must be conveyed in a way that all the necessary pre-processing functions are adequately performed. Additionally, the amount of mechanical degradation that the resin experiences in the form of fines, stringers and dust formation must be minimized and the material must not be contaminated or cause environmental problems.

Granulators - are not only the perfect grinding and cutting solution for the Injection Mold, Blow Mold, Thermoform, and Recycling Industries, our HD-6/6C model is well suited for the Dairy industry or any industry that needs to remove dust and fines from its processing line. The Dual Stage Grinder was specifically designed for polyethylene and polystyrene purgings, while our Hot Melt Grinder will process hot thermoplastic from the extruder die without any pre-cooling. or more information see Granulators.

Blenders - fall into two categories: volumetric and gravimetic. The volumetric blender is ideally suited for machine mounted or on high legs for vacuum take-away. Our standard unit is designed to blend virgin and regrind and up to two color additives to the processing machine at a fixed constant rate. The gravimetric blender was designed to introduce two or more materials into the extrusion process. Gravimetric blending is a combination of two elements: setting the proportions of different ingredients and setting the homogeneity of the mix of those ingredients. For more information see Blenders.

Dryers - are divided into three major categories. All of them remove moisture using the latest in drying technology - from separate blowers and filters for processing and regeneration circuits, to digital process temperature controls and switch selectable (Time/Dewpoint) cycle controls. The DD model specializes in removing moisture from hydroscropic material while the DH-4 surface dries regrind material like polypropelene and polyurethane. For more information see Dryers.

Metal Separators/Detectors - are designed to remove both ferrous and nonferrous metal contaminants from a material flow stream whether it be plastic resins, sugar, pelletized chemicals flour, pharmaceuticals or cement powder. They are ideal protection devices in the material handling, recycling and plastics industries with the ability to detect and reject metal particles as small as 0.02 inches in diameter at throughputs as high as 243 cubic feet per hour of pelletized, granular or free flowing powdered material. For more information see Metal Detectors.

Discharging Stations - If your business involves the processing of plastic resin - whether it be pelletized, granulated, powered, or flaked material - received in bulk, you probably have to unload a lot of bulk bags, big bags, super sacks, or FIBCs. Not only do you have to lift and transport a lot of very large, heavy bulk bags, you probably have to worry about being exposed to the contents of these bags when opening and closing them. Then, or course, there is the matter of how to best induce the flow of the contents out of the bulk bag and how to move them into your process line as fast and as efficiently as possible. To address of these concerns, we offer a complete line of bulk bag unloaders that don't require an operator for unloading bulk bags, solve all material flow difficulties and can remove all kinds of freely flowing materials for regrind, including powders, fibres and other difficult cases. See Discharging Stations.

Container Unloaders - Avoid relying on expensive and hard-to-find tilting trailers, with our new A-Ward Container Unloaders that make the immediate and controlled unloading of shipping containers a reality. Unload 20 foot and 40 foot shipping containers with ease for a wide range of bulk materials. These unique systems will not only increase the productivity of your operation, they'll do so while improving safety and allowing you to avoid the contamination risks caused by double handling the imported material. See Container Unloaders.

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Material Handling Equipment


Material Handling Equipment

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