Central Vacuum Loaders - VF Series

Central Vacuum LoadersForemost Machine Builders manufactures central vacuum loaders and conveying receivers for the transporation of raw material pellets and reclaim material from a storage silo to a blender, from one process station to another, and/or to the final processing point. When your plant requirements demand high productivity on a continuous basis, you'll find our series VF and VMF Vacuum Loader Packages will provide the dependable, efficient operation necessary to succeed in today's competitive processing environment. For over fifty years, Foremost has been engineering and manufacturing solutions to bulk material conveying problems.

Download the VF/VMF Vacuum Loaders Brochure.

We have provided the highest quality equipment in our engineered systems and dependable vacuum loader packages. Our standard high quality components are matched with a conservative engineering factor to provide the end user with years of low cost, low maintenance productivity.

Material loading is accomplished through the following sequence of operation:

The positive displacement pump creates a vacuum on the vacuum chamber, closing the flapper valve. The material is then drawn through the suction lance or from a vacuum-take-away box via tubing or flex hose to the vacuum chamber.

The vacuum chamber can be loaded by either a timing cycle, which is easily adjusted at the control panel or by an end-point-control sensor mounted in the vacuum chamber.

After the loading cycle, the vacuum breaks, causing the flapper valve to open and the material drops into the process hopper.

Format IV Control Panel

Format IV Control PanelThe Format IV is a user-friendly PLC based vacuum loading system controller. The Format IV has the capability of controlling up to 3 vacuum pumps and 27 loading stations in any combination of pumps and stations as required.

System configurations are accomplished by manually entering commands on a membrane switch touch pad, as directed by user-friendly screen printed instructions. System conditions are shown on an LCD display which indicates the status at each station (i.e., enabled, disabled and loading).

Using an optional vacuum switch mounted on the power unit, the Format IV remembers the time necessary to load each station, and periodically adjusts load time automatically for optimum overall cycle. Or choose the optional "End Point" control version that fills each receiver in the system without timers.

Each power unit is supplied with a starter and circuit breaker in a NEMA 12 enclosure mounted to the unit.

Download the Format IV Control Panel Brochure.

Available Features

  • NEMA 12 Enclosure
  • Fused Disconnect
  • Name-Brand Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) (Multiple Station Units)
  • Adjustable Loading Timer
  • Magnetic Starter
  • 110 Volt Control Transformer
  • Two-Position, Oil-Tight, Illuminated, Power On/Off and Individual Station On/Off Switches (Where Required)
  • Graphic Display for Both Power Units and Individual Loading Stations
  • Panel Wired Complete.

Format VI-Multi Control Panel

The Format VI-Multi is a user-friendly single board computer based vacuum loading system controller. The Format VI-Multi comes in two standard configurations. The first has can be configured to control up to 3 vacuum pumps and 14 loading stations and the second can be configured to control up to 4 vacuum pumps and 28 loading stations. These can be configured in any combination of pumps and stations as required. Utilizing a 6" grayscale touch screen as standard with options for either a 6" or 8" color touch screen, status, set up, recipe, and alarm screens are easily accessible.

Available Features

  • Load on time as standard.
  • Password protected.
  • Station integrated proportional controls.
  • Station filter cleaning controls.
  • Station load to end point control.
  • Vacuum breaker valve controls (per pump).
  • Central filter cleaning controls (per pump).
  • Loader not starting alarm.
  • Station no fill alarm Vacuum alarm

Download the Format IV-Mulit Control Panel Brochure.

Format IV-V4  Control PanelFormat VI-V4 Control Panel

The Model Format VI-V4 Control panel controls one pump and up to 4 stations. It comes complete with:

  • 1 10 ft. lead cable with plug.
  • Programmable relay with keypad and display.
  • Operator graphic.
  • 10” x 8” x 4” NEMA 12 enclosure.
  • 120 VAC or 24 VDC.






Central Vacuum LoadersCentral Vacuum Loaders: Optional Features

  • Alpha Numeric Operator Interface
  • Self-Adjusting Loading Timers
  • Differential Pressure Dirty Filter Warning Indicator
  • Timerless End-Point Control

Vacuum Loader Power Units Standard Features

  • Standard Pump Packages Available in 5, 7.5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 HP or more
  • Heavy Duty Positive Displacement Pump
  • Durable TEFC Motor with 5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Multi-Stage Central Filter with replaceable filter element and removable Dust Cup with sight glass
  • Factory Set Vacuum Relief Valve
  • Liquid Dampened Vacuum Gauge
  • Exhaust Silencer
  • Exhaust Filter with Replaceable Filter Element
  • All Mounted on a Rigid Base with Belt Guard, Interconnecting Piping and Flex Hose
  • Line Sizes Engineered to Match Pump Speed and Horsepower for Maximum Efficiency and Equipment Durability

Vacuum Loaders Power UnitOptional Features

  • High Efficiency Motors
  • High Temperature Alarm
  • Electrically Operated Vacuum Breaker Valve
  • Central Filter with Counter-Weighted Flapper Valve in Place of Dust Cup
  • High and Low Vacuum Alarm
  • Sound Reduction Packages for Under 85 dbA Operation
  • Explosion Proof Designs
  • Mobile Base with Pneumatic Tires
  • Power Units up to 100 HP
  • "Roll-Away" Dust Drum with Dust Cover

Vacuum Loader Pumps

Vacuum Loader Pumps

Vacuum ChambersVacuum Chamber Standard Features

  • Capacities of 0.2, 0.6, 2.0, 4.0, 6.0, and 8.0 cu. ft.
  • Pellet Screen Integrally Mounted in Chamber Lid
  • Molded Lid Gasket
  • Durable, Lightweight, Spun Aluminum Construction
  • Replaceable "Size-Stepped" Cast Aluminum Material Inlets*
  • Replaceable "Size-Stepped" Cast Aluminum Material Outlets*
  • Material Required Level Switch
  • Cast Aluminum Flapper Valve Housing with Counter-Weighted Flapper*
  • Rugged Anodized Single Latch "Quick-Seal" Band Clamp Mating Chamber and Lid*
  • Pre-Drilled Bin Mounting Flange with Gaskets

*Model 02 cu. ft. Chambers are Provided with Aluminum Tubing Inlets, Outlets and Flapper Valve Housings. Chamber and Lids are Attached by Integral Clamps.

Optional Features

Vacuum Chambers
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Cartridge or Flat Filter for Blowback systems
  • Filter Bags with Automatic Pulse-Jet Filter Cleaning for Powder Applications
  • End-Point Control Proximity Switch
  • Air Operated Flapper Valve
  • Single Material Line Check Valve
  • Internal Flap-Type Proportioning Valve (Air Operated)
  • Choice of Air Operated or Electrically Operated Vacuum Control Valve
  • Stainless Steel Material Wear Plate Deflector
  • Straight Wall Chambers for Hard to Move Materials

0.6 cu. fit. 13 1/4 23 1/4 13
2.0 cu. fit. 22 32 18 5/8
4.0 cu. ft. 22 42 28 5/8
6.0 cu. ft. 22 52 38 5/8

Vacuum Chamber

Powder Type Vacuum Chambers - VPC Series

Vacuum ChambersForemost offers VPC Powder Type Vacuum Chambers for powder or dusty regrind materials.

Download the VPC Vacuum Chambers Brochure.

Each unit is supplied complete with:

  • Aluminum chamber cone and filter section construction.
  • Multiple bag or cartridge type filter with accumulator tank, solenoids, and pulse control for automatic filter cleaning after loading sequence.
  • Molded lid gasket.
  • Replaceable “size stepped” cast aluminum material inlet and vacuum outlet connections.
  • Cast aluminum dump throat, flapper with counter weight.
  • Paddle type level switch.
  • Quick release band clamp for lid attachment.
  • Mounting flange with gaskets.
  • Available in 0.6, 2.0, 4.0, 6.0 and 8.0 cubic foot capacities.

Optional Features:

  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Carbon steel filter section construction.
  • End point control proximity switch.
  • Air operated knife gate discharge.
  • Lid mounted vacuum control valve.

Filter Bag Options:

  • 4 micron Polyester (25-40 cfm/sq.ft flow capacity).
  • 2-3 micron Tef-Tex (25-35 cfm/sq.ft flow capacity).
  • 2-3 micron Tef-Tex (25-35 cfm/sq.ft flow capacity) with copper ground strip.
  • 0.5 micron Por-Tex (7-12 cfm/sq.ft flow capacity).
  • 0.5 micron Por-Tex (7-12 cfm/sq.ft flow capacity) with copper ground strip.

Cartridge Filter Options:

  • Spunbond Polyester.
  • BHA-TEX PTFE membrane bonded to Spunbond Polyester.

Blending Vacuum ReceiversBlending Vacuum Receiver

Foremost VBM vacuum barrel mixers are used as mixing vacuum receivers and are frequently combined with Foremost weigh blenders. They are available in all the same sizes as our line of inclined barrel mixers. In many cases, materials being conveyed or blended have varying physical sizes and weights and tend to segregate when being pneumatically conveyed to the process machinery. To deal with this we mount the mixer directly above the process machine hopper and convey the entire batch of blended material over the press where it is mixed and then dumped into the hopper. This insures that a homogeneous blend of material is being delivered to the press. A vacuum chamber is integrated into the inlet of the mixer. The discharge of the mixer is pneumatically sealed allowing it to hold vacuum.

Additional Components

  • Suction Lances
  • Gaylord Tilters
  • Tubing and Flex Hose
  • Couplings
  • Quick Disconnect Fittings
  • Vacuum Tray Adapters
  • Automatic Diverters
  • Bin Vent Filters
  • Extension Castings
  • Weigh Inventory Control Receivers
  • Multi-Draft Batch Loaders
  • In-Line Vacuum Metal Separators
  • Intermediate Dust Cyclones


Straight Walled Vacuum Chambers

Straight Walled Vacuum Loaders Model SW-20 (2.0 cu. ft. capacity) and SW-50 (5.0 cu. ft. capacity) chambers were developed by Foremost to be used with the company's line of vacuum pumps and control packages to convey non-free flowing TPR regrind materials.

This same design has proved successful in conveying various hard to move materials. These units come standard with stainless steel chamber construction, counter weighted flapper valve, material inlets, and vacuum outlets.

Filter options include pellet screens, cartridge filter, and multiple bag type filters. Compressed air filter-cleaning is standard on the cartridge and multiple bag units. Additional options include end point control proximity switches, air-operated discharge, and tangential material inlets.

Top half of the SW-20/50

Bottom half of the SW-20/50

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