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weight inventory control systemsOur Weight Inventory Control Systems are an advanced design which provides for the utmost accuracy and dependability. Rugged construction assures years of trouble-free service. The material is pulled into the vacuum chamber and is held momentarily while the weight is added to the accumulator register. The vacuum chamber does not dump its contents until the accumulator acknowledges receipt of the added weight. In normal operations, the chamber is filled by time using the station timer in the vacuum loader panel. As an option, a keyboard is provided whereby authorized personnel can use a key to enter a pre-set weight. With this option, the vacuum loader will run until the chamber is full to capacity.

Download the Weight Inventory Control System Brochure.

The Weight Inventory Control System will operate with loaders having individual filters or central filter systems.

Stamdard Features

  • 1 Part in 10,000 Graduations
  • Load Cell Mount Minimizes the Chance of Damage
  • Auto Zero Tracking
  • Load Cell Linearization
  • Data Output, RS232C, 20MA Current Loop
  • Auto Accumulation
  • Remote Mounted Panel

weight inventory control systems

Mechanical Assembly

  • Rugged Aluminum Tube Construction
  • Standard Size Chambers, 0.2 cu. ft., 0.6 cu. ft., 2 cu. ft., 4 cu. ft., 6 cu. ft.
  • Designed for Years of Trouble Free Service


  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Filter Bags for Powder Applications
  • Positive Closure Knife Gate Discharge
  • Up to Four WICS Units Utilizing a Common Weigh Meter Panel

Foremost Draft Weigher Available as a single ingredient or multi-component draft weigher for low cost, accurate mult-ingredient proportioning)

  • Mechanically Identical to the WICS
  • Loads Material up to a Preprogrammed Set Point in Multiple Drafts
  • ± 0.5% Gross Setpoint Accuracy

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