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To meet the challenges facing the plastics industry, especially the latest technologies in wireless connectivity and software development, we are constantly in the process of updating our product line and expertise. Below are but a few of the latest additions to our product base. - Last update: May 2017.

FDP-VII | AT-90 | FSE-lat Sensor | Container Unloaders | FRC Cyclones

Replacement Parts & Components

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SEP-PA-DP-3 Type III Roller Feeder
SEP-PA-DP-3 Roller Feeder
Model SEP-PA-DP-3 throat mounted metal detector. This unit is ideal for molders and is pictured mounted under a machine hopper with a vacuum chamber mounted on top of it. Mounted on this assembly is our IFM flat media distributed I/O system. 9 Inch Type III roller feeder for introduction of roll scrap into a high shear film granulator comes complete with the following features:
  • 9" knurled upper roller.
  • 9" knurled lower roller.
  • 7" opening to edge trim.
  • Upper and lower material guide.
  • Air cylinder tensioning of rolls.
  • Coupling guard.
It can be supplied with either a DC or Vector drive controller.
FDP-VII-AT1-RA Accutrac Blender Controls With Regrind Adaptive Feature
Recipe Entry Screen Regrind Bin Screen
Recipe Entry Screen Regrind Bin Screen
Standard AT, AT1 or ATVL Blender control with the following changes. The REGRIND station must physically be an unchanging and defined station on the blender. It will always be station #2 on the blender and in the control. The "RA" option requires two level switches in the regrind bin (or in a regrind surge bin with the switches wired back to the FDP blender control) one a HLS and one a LLS. The "RA option adds two buttons to every recipe entry, "save as When Regrind High" and "save as When Regrind Low". The switches will automatically switch between the recipes for Regrind High and Regrind Low based on the last switch contacted by material. If NO CHANGE is desired (no adaptive regrind) the same recipe can be saved as BOTH the REGRIND HIGH and REGRIND LOW recipe and the same recipe will therefore be run in both conditions.
New Model AT-90 Series Accutrac Blender
AT-9040 Four Component Blender Regrind Bin Screen

Foremost Machine Builders has added the AT-90 to its line of Accutrac Batch Weigh Blenders. The Model AT-90 can be supplied with up to eight components and comes complete with the following standard features.

1. One (1) eight cu. ft capacity major ingredient bin split into four (4) Steel 2.0 cu.ft. capacity sections. Each supplied is supplied complete with:

  • Air-operated steel dump valve
  • Two (2) sight glasses
  • Lexan drain chute
  • Lid with provisions to accept a vacuum chamber

2. Up to four (4) Aluminum 0.75 cu.ft. capacity additive bins each supplied complete with:

  • Vibratory feeder with a carbon steel tray
  • One (1) sight glass
  • Manual slide gate
  • Latched lid with provisions to accept a vacuum chamber

3. One (1) Aluminum 1.5 cu.ft. capacity weigh pot supplied complete with:

  • Two (2) high accuracy load cells
  • Slide out design for easy clean out and maintenance
  • Air-operated stainless steel dump valve

4. One (1) 3.0 cu.ft. capacity stainless steel mixer supplied complete with:

  • 3/4 HP gear motor
  • Multi-paddle agitator
  • Removable mixer body
  • Poly discharge adaptor

5. All of the above are mounted on a rigid steel frame supplied complete with:

  • Latched cleanout/access door with safety switch
  • Compressed air distribution system with all necessary supply lines, solenoid valves to operate valves and filter regulator
  • Compressed air blow gun with 12 ft. of 1/4” coiled hose
  • Air operated flow control valve
  • One (1) Foremost Model FDP-VII Digital Weight Processor for fully automatic operation complete with:
  • 110 volt/1 phase/60 Hz operation
  • 24 VDC I/O (110 VAC Optional)
  • 6 in diagonal grayscale* LCD backlit display
  • 5.7" STN Display
    15 Shades of gray
    320 x 240 Screen Resolution (QVGA)
    150 nits
    0.36 x 0.36 mm Dot Pitch
    50,000 hr Backlight (Average Half Life)
    1024 x 1024 Touch Resolution
    32 bit RISC CPU (333MHz)
    32 MB System Memory (SDRAM)
    32 MB Flash Memory
    256 KB Battery-Backed Memory (SRAM)
    10 MB Available User Memory
    Real-time clock
    Battery-Backed Calendar (Day/Month/Year)
    Programmable Screen Saver
    RS-232C/422/485 Serial PLC Interface
    USB Port Type A
    USB Port Type B
    Power Consumption 9W @ 24 VDC
    Optional AC Power Supply
    NEMA 4/4X (IP-65) Enclosure
    Agency Approvals UL, cUL, CE
  • Touch Screen control with operator friendly, menu driven, graphical interface
  • Automatic, Pushbutton calibration
  • High resolution, constant weighing with AFT (Automatic Fine Tuning)
  • Continuous display of all ingredient and total process setpoints and performance
  • “On-the-fly” changes to setpoints and operating parameters and access to all information and recipe building screens without interruption of running process
  • On board recipe storage with ingredient naming
  • Inventory control accumulation data stored and displayed for each ingredient
  • Gravimetric/volumetric modes of operation
  • Ingredient setpoints by percentage
  • Alarm log
  • User Selectable operating parameters including “SkipStation”** technology

** SkipStation technology allows an ingredient to be skipped in a batch if not available for feeding without affecting the ratios of the remaining ingredients to each other, commonly used for regrind and/or repel materials.


Optional standard displays are 6” Color and 8” Color, larger displays available on request.
Vacuum loader controls integrated into controller
Vacuum loader power unit
Vacuum chambers
Larger capacity bins
Floor stand with vacuum take away outlets
Stand for mounting on customer’s mezzanine
Machine throat adaptor
Integrated metal separator
PLC control systems

MESEP FS3 Flat Sensor With Spatial Resolution
Recipe Entry Screen Regrind Bin Screen

Foremost Machine Builders, Inc. has added the MESEP FS3 Flat Sensor With Spatial Resolution to its line of Flat Pack Metal Detectors.

Download the MESEP FS3 Flat Sensor Brochure

The FS3 will be exhibited for the first time at the 2013 Chem Show in New York City On December 10th through the 12th in Booth 742.

This unit provides high sensitivity and location specific detection of very small metal particles. Thanks to integrated Ethernet interface the sensor data can be sent to a PC or PLC the first time in real time and can be evaluated there.

The sensor has a dynamic working principle which means it only detects moving metallic pieces in the sensor range. If a non-moving metal piece is situated in the detection range, it does not excite a signal and therefore is not detected. Contrary to sensors with static working principle this system allows operation with a much higher sensitivity.

The sensor provides several channels which are arranged in parallel with each other. Each of them is equipped with its own sensor coil and evaluation unit. This allows the position of the metallic object to also be detected. All the functions and values of the sensor can conveniently be accessed via web browser or Ethernet.

Container Unloaders
Recipe Entry Screen

Instead of always relying on expensive and hard to find tilting trailers, A-Ward Container Unloaders allow for immediate and controlled unloading of shipping containers.

A-Ward's container unloaders are so fast that you can unload 20 foot and 40 foot shipping containers for a wide range of bulk materials. With this unique system you can increase the productivity of your operation while improving safety and allowing you to avoid the contamination risks caused by double handling the imported material. Learn More >>

Filtered Receiving Cyclones
Filtered Receiving Cyclones


  • Aluminum filter housing and cyclone
  • Optional: Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel
  • 15.5 Square Feet of 100 Micron Filtration Media
  • Optional: Filtration Media Grades
  • Available with multiple inlet diameters
  • 6" Diameter Discharge
  • Flange mounted for mounting to bins, drum stands, and gaylord stands
  • 99.9% Dust Free on particles at 100 Microns or more
  • Automatic Pulse Jet Filter Cleaning with a Pulse Timer Panel

Video: watch a video of the Filtered Receiving Cyclone at work.

Download the Filtered Receiving Cyclone Brochure.

Learn More About Receiving Cyclones >>

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