Dual Stage Granulators - DSC- 18

Dual Stage GranulatorsThe patented* Model DSC-18 Dual State Granulator offers an improved, high output first cutting stage, plus modular flexibility to meet a wide range of processing applications.

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You can use Foremost's standard HD-5B Granulator for a second stage; or replace it with any model you choose. Dual stage granulators use two separate cutting chambers. The first has a solid cylindrical rotor embedded with 18 disc-shaped cutters which shave off small sections or pieces of the solid lumps loaded in the hopper. The greater the weight of purgings on this rotor, the higher its output.

Dual Stage Granulators

The shavings fall down into a conventional two-bladed open rotor lower cutting chamber (Model HD-5B Granulator) with sizing screen, where they are further reduced to the desired size granulate.

*Patent Numbers 4,164,329 and 3,378,210

The standard configuration has a 16" x 20" lower chamber and 5/16" hole size screen. This combination can achieve 1,000 to 2,000 lbs. per hour on polyethylene and polystyrene purgings. Over-all throughputs are generally constrained by the capability of the lower stage selected. The upper stage, operating alone as a pre-cutter, has produced 10,000 lbs. per hour of cuttings from polyethylene "logs", for example.

With that factor in mind, the machine was designed in a modular fashion so that the upper stage can be coupled with a variety of lower stages; be set up to feed several conventional granulators; or operate as a separate pre-cutter. In all instances, blower unloading is standard due to the high volume of output.

Dual Stage Granulators The DSC-18 upper stage uses unique disc-type cutters. Their concave "cutting circle" has been optimized through extensive engineering analysis to achieve maximum output at the lowest power requirement. Since just one quarter of each disc is used for cutting at any time, a new keen surface can be easily revolved into place simply by loosening a single hold-down bolt on each disc when it dulls. In this way, four fresh surfaces are available on each cutter before the disc must be removed for resharpening. And since the knives rest in machined seats in the upper chamber rotor, no gap settings are ever required. Knife access is obtained by pivoting the hopper to one side. DSC-18 Upper Stage Side Mounted to an HD-8 Grinder

DSC-18 Upper Rotor Assembly

DSC-18 Upper Rotor Assembly

Dual Stage Granulators Dual Stage Granulators

The upper chamber is mounted on a wheel and rail system and can be readily rolled back to expose the lower cutting chamber for service or cleaning. The standard Model HD-5B Granulator has a solid ribbed rotor. Screen access is via a hinged rear panel, which also allows the blower chute to be removed. The exact configuration of your machine can be varied to meet your particular requirements.

Throat: 12" x 18"
Power: 40 HP TEFC (upper chamber)
50 HP TEFC (HD-5B lower chamber)
Rotor: 18 cutter solid cylindrical (upper chamber) 2-bladed, solid ribbed (HD-5B lower chamber)
Cutting Diameter:: 12" (upper chamber)
14" (HD-5B lower chamber)
Lower Chamber Screen Sizes:: 5/16" (standard), 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" diameter holes
Control Panel: Magnetic starters electrically interlocked and housed in a NEMA 12 enclosure with fused disconnect
Shipping Weight: 4,400 lbs.

Offset Rotor

Options for Dual Stage Granulators

  • Alternate lower chambers.
  • Ammeters.
  • Direct drive unloading blowers.
  • Metal separation equipment.
  • Conveyor feed hoppers.

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dual stage granulators


dual stage granulators

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