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Metal Detectors & Separators

Bulk Goods Metal Detectors

Bulk goods such as spices, rice, peas, corn, milk powder and flour can become easily contaminated with metal as they fall from one place to another.

Foremost Liquid Detector

Liquid Metal Detectors

In many food processing plants, liquids or semi-liquid paste are processed and shipped through elaborate piping sytems to their packaging destination.

Foremost Food Detectors

Packaged Food Metal Separators

Our tunnel detectors are perfect for detecting metal contamination in packaged and non-packaged food products.

Foremost Food Metal Detector

Sausage Filling Metal Separators

Metal detection is a key component of the food making process and safety, especially in food processing plants using machines with many moving parts for manufacturing.

Foremost Metal Detector

Metal Detectors for Conveyor Systems

Our tunnel detectors are perfect for detecting metal contamination in packaged and non-packaged food products.

Foremost Metal Detector

Metal Extractors for Vacuum Conveyors

Metal Extractors can be integrated into suction or vacuum conveyor lines up to 3” line sizes. It can be integrated into production or central conveying lines.

Foremost Metal Detector

Ring Metal Detectors for Process Control

Ring metal detectors or sensors are electronic devices for detecting the presence of unwanted metal contamination in a flow of material moving through a pipe.

Foremost Metal Detector

Metal Separators for Bulk Material Handling

When it comes to handling bulk plastic materials, metal separators have to be designed so that they can handle bulk materials that are free falling. We offer two metal separator sizes: 1) Compact and 2) Large Scale metal separators.

Foremost Metal Detector

Metal Separators for Injection Molding

Injection molding machines need to be protected from metal contamination especially where the raw material enters the machine in front of the material in-take. This is your last opportunity for keeping foreign metal material from entering the machine.

Metal Separator Controllers

Reliable electronic controllers for your metal separator units. Upgraded controllers have an even better metal sensitivity combined with extended feature sets. The color touch screen displays allows intuitive operation of your de¬vice. The touch screen displays eliminate complicated menus completely. System settings are code protected, changes are usually not required.
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