Sausage Filling Metal Separators

Foremost Food Metal Detector

Metal detection is a key component of the food making process and and safety, especially in food processing plants using machines with many moving parts for manufacturing. Disruption further down the processing line can occur if contaminants are not removed, which can also lead to costly recalls. Our sausage detectors make sure that all types of metals, including the most common stainless steel, are detected in food products before they are shipped. It also helps customers fulfill quality goals and protect expensive downstream production equipment.

Our detectors are designed to satisfy the Safety Category IP 65. Higher safety categories for high pressure cleaning are available as an option. Our sausage filling detector has a stainless steel finish and is sealed to IP 65 standards for withstanding the high temperature, high washdown environment of the meat industry. We offer solutions for tube diameters NW 40; NW 50 and NW 65.