Inclined Barrel Mixers

Foremost Barrel Mixer
Foremost barrel mixers offer economical low intensity mixing designed to achieve homogeneity quickly. Ideal for a variety of material handling duties, these barrel mixers can reach homogeneity within 15 to 60 seconds depending on the materials being mixed. Using a counter-current flow pattern, the mixer agitator pushes the material uphill against gravity. Gravity pulls the material in the opposite direction towards the bottom outlet. Material is also simultaneously folded over itself by the agitator. Low-point bottom discharge insures complete clean-out either through a dump valve or by vacuum.
Model #ABCDWorking Capacity (cu ft)Motor HP
MBM-15012″24″18″44″0.751/2 HP
BM-27516′24″26″44″1.53/4 HP