Metal Separators For Injection Molding

Foremost Metal Detector

Injection molding machines need to be protected from metal contamination especially where the raw material enters the machine in front of the material in-take. This is your last opportunity for keeping foreign metal material from entering the machine.

Demand on the metal separator is high in these situations. Not only must the metal particles be separated from a free falling stream of material, they have to be separated at the same time the injection molding machine is being filled. Secondly, metal particles have to be detected even as the column of material is slowly settling. For metal detection to even take place, it is best to detect metal that is slowly moving through a magnetic field. The problem is that the slower the material moves through the magnetic field, the lower the sensitivity will be. To compensate for this, our metal separators are equipped with specially developed software that can ensure a relatively high degree of sensitivity regardless of how fast the material moves through the magnetic field.