Metal Separators for Bulk Material Handling

Foremost Metal Detector
When it comes to handling bulk plastic materials, metal separators have to be designed so that they can handle bulk materials that are free falling. We offer two metal separator sizes: 1) Compact and 2) Large Scale metal separators. Our compact separators can handle material throughputs rates ranging from 300 to 8,000 l/h, while larger models can handle material throughputs rates ranging from 8,000 to 300,000 l/h. Finding the right metal separation system is a major concern for most plastic recyclers. Not every process requires the highest levels of sensitivity or has to handle high material throughput rates. Depending on the size of the metal parts to be detected, the kind of material being conveyed, how much material has to be handled, and where the metal separator fits into the process, we can help you choose the right solution for your process.