Bulk Bag Emptying Stations- Oktomat® ECO

OKTOMAT ECO® are Bulk Bag Emptying Stations for removing material from big bulk bags or any similar container. It can do so without the assistance of an operator and is virtually maintenance free. The bags or containers don’t need to be lifted into place, tilted or turned around. The container is typically moved to the OKTOMAT ECO® station using a pallet truck and then fastened to the emptying station. The conveying of material can be started automatically and without any down time in the conveying process. The bags will be completely emptied without leaving any residual materials in the bag.
Standard Equipment
PedestalSteel and Powder Coated
Adjustable Assembly HeightECO-L 9-fold
ECO-H 4-fold
Universal Lifting RingStainless steel Ø 600mm for plastic liners and big bags
Bag Lifting PowerContinuously adjustable up to 1500 N (150kg)
Suction HeadType S, conveying tube Ø 38 / 50 mm of stainless steel 1.4301
Stroke LengthECO-L 800 mm
ECO-H 1000 mm