20/40 FT Tilting Container Loaders

Plastics Industry 20ft Unloader


MiTiltTM has reshaped the way the world handles bulk materials. A-Ward’s revolutionary tilting container loader allows you to fill up every last inch – and do it faster- using the power of gravity. By making short work of big loads, you’ll save time and money.

MiTiltTM is ideal for:

  • Loading either 40ft or 20ft containers to maximum capacity.
  • Loading a range of materials for faster, cleaner and safer handling. A gravity-fed design, allows the MiTilt TM to be ideally suited for loading of loose materials such as minerals, metal, grains, sugar and rice.

 How it works

MiTilt TM allows a container to be tipped at your chosen angle – anywhere between -10° to 90°. By loading from above, you have access to 100% of the internal container volume. Shipping containers are inserted either directly with a standard trailer, or from above with a forklift, crane or reach stacker. See MiTilt TM in action.