Desiccant Dryers – TTD Series

Foremost designs and manufactures a full line of twin tower dehumidifying or desiccant dryers for drying hygroscopic and non-hygroscopic plastic resins. When your plant requirements demand high productivity on a continuous basis, you will find that our series TTD Dehumifying Dryer packages provide the dependable, efficient operation needed to succeed in today’s competitive processing environment. As plant managers face increasing pressure to cut costs while maintaining production levels, many operations are finding some solutions in the re-optimization of existing material handling systems and equipment.

Our patented twin tower desiccant dyers were specifically designed for drying hygroscopic materials such as plastic resins. Equipped with features such as separate blowers and filters for processing and regeneration circuits, digital process temperature control, switch selectable (Time/Dewpoint) cycle control, nonproprietary PLC based controls and a high temperature option of up to 400 degrees, our desiccant dryers offer the best dying technology available.

Foremost Dryers
AIRFLOW (CFM)20030050080010001200
DESSICANT/BED (LBS)5080150198250300
DUCT DIA. (IN)3-7/85-7/85-7/87-7/87-7/87-7/8
HEIGHT-(A) (IN)708080100105105
WIDTH-(B) (IN)607272869696
DEPTH-(C) (IN)404545546363
WEIGHT (LBS)54010001300200022003000