Model S3E-2 High Shear Film Granulators

Foremost’s High Shear Granulator has been field-proven for over 40 years, both alone and as part of complete inline film recycling systems. Intended for all types of film and other soft materials, the current design utilizes a center feed chamber and a special adjustable, precision knife arrangement. This knife design yields the scissor-like, near tangential slide necessary for efficient reduction of thin films rather than “chopping” the materials. Clean “film fluff” or granulate is the result, without tearing or heat build-up.

Throughputs from 150 to over 500 lbs. per hour are achieved based on lab tests with various materials and a standard 5/16″ screen. Expected throughputs for your particular material can be determined by Foremost laboratory tests.

The rotor is provided with three blades. Reliable, flange mount bearings are used and the chamber is a one-piece weldment, Blanchard ground with smooth easy-to-clean surfaces. Special models with integral sound deadening are available, utilizing Foremost’s Microsonic construction techniques; or acoustical enclosures can be supplied for standard models if required.

ModelModel S3E-2
Throat Size10″ x 12″
Power15 HP
Cutting Diameter9″
KnivesThree (3) 11 1/2″ high shear knives and two (2) 12” bed knives.
Screen 5/16″ (standard) 3/16″ 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ diameter holes.
Shipping Weight 1,500 lbs.
NoteSpecifications for reference only.