Railroad Car Unloaders

The Foremost Railroad Car Unloader is a complete, self-contained material conveying system operating on a vacuum/pressure continuous loading principle which offers the advantages of continuous material flow at high rates over substantial distances. Continuous material flow not only insures maximum efficiency from the blower unit, but also eliminates any potential clogging which might occur (particularly at the bottom of long vertical lines) by intermittently starting and stopping the material flow as in a batching vacuum system.

The Unloader utilizes a single positive displacement blower (as standard, or an optional dual blower arrangement if required) to create the vacuum as well as generate the positive pressure conveying air flow. The blower is protected from material entrance on the discharge side by a check valve. Further protection is afforded by using both vacuum and pressure relief valves. Critical functions are monitored by gauges. The single material receiver/ air filter features automatic, continuous filter element cleaning. Material build-up on the elements is monitored by a gauge. The rotary valve under the receiver is chain driven by a fractional horsepower gearmotor. In some applications the Filter receiver can be replaced with a cyclone transfer station.

Foremost Rail Road Car Unloader

ModelH.P.Power Unit DimensionsReceiver DimensionsShipping Weight
A (Length)B (Width)C (Height)DE
RC-20-402082″37″60″30″139″2750 LBS
RC-30-403082″41″60″30″139″3250 LBS
RC-40-404082″39″60″30″139″3790 LBS
RC-40-504096″44″60″36″144″4200 LBS

Typical Conveying Rates
Model100 ft200 ft300 ft400 ft500 ft600 ft700 ft800 ft1000 ft
RC-20-4011300100008800760066002750 LBS
RC-30-40148001340012000108001000090003250 LBS
RC-40-401950018000166001540014200132001140098003790 LBS
RC-40-50240002060019000176001640013800118004200 LBS