Self-Contained Vacuum Loaders -

Foremost manufactures self-contained vacuum loaders for the transportation of raw material pellets and reclaim material from a storage silo to a blender, from one process station to another, and/or to the final processing point. The Self-Contained Vacuum Loaders B-6-2 and B-8A-6C are perfect for moderate hopper or bin loading tasks. Both units offer fractional horsepower brush type motors. The units feature a nylon filter and compressed air for easy filter cleaning. Operation requirements are 110V single phase AC and a convenient remote mountable control panel.

All units supplied are completely wired for 110 volt, single phase, automatic operation.

Standard Tubing Package: 10 ft. of 1 1/2″ I.D. flexible tubing, hose clamps, and 40″ material pick-up ‘suction lance.’