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vacuum loaders and pneumatic conveying receiversForemost Machine Builders manufactures vacuum loaders for the process of transporting raw material plastic pellets and reclaim material from a storage silo to a blender, from one process station to another, and/or to the final processing point. Boost the profitability of your process line by reducing production costs. Efficient vacuum or pressure conveying provided by Foremost vacuum loaders and receivers can make a difference -- with high performance from either standard or customized machines.

Our full line of loaders include self-contained, central distribution and bulk loading components, packages, and turn-key systems. The conveying rates for pellets, powders, granules, and flakes range from 50 to 50,000 lb/hr.

Central Vacuum Systems

Models Available: VF-05, VF-07A, VF-10, VF-15, VF-20, VF-25, VF-30, Format IV Control Panel.

You can count on Foremost for a complete range of chemical processing equipment for making calcium carbonate and titanium dioxide. Together, our plant design team and proprietary CAD tools let us create a chemical processing solution that is cost effective, productive, and reliable.

Pneumatic conveying receivers, from 0.2 to 8 cu.ft. capacity, offer single or proportional material inlets. Choose filterless, blowback, or pulse-jet filtration with filter media down to 1 micron. Control by timer, endpoint level, or weight setpoint for optimal performance.

vacuum loaders and pneumatic conveying receiversWhatever your specific needs, you will benefit with Foremost's conveying equipment, known for:

        • low maintenance, low profile
        • rugged construction
        • accurate PLC or microprocessor controls

Plastic processors look to Foremost for practical solutions to their material handling needs -- and for more than forty years we've come through with cost-effective solutions.

When high production is your goal, Foremost can provide you with central vacuum systems. Our vacuum systems are available from 5 HP to 100 HP and up 27 stations. Our easy to clean central filter assembly eliminates the need for blow-back and a sightglass on the filter assembly lets the operator know the filter needs cleaning.

Material loading is accomplished through the following sequence of operation: the positive displacement pump creates a vacuum on the vacuum chamber closing the flapper valve. The material is then drawn through a suction lance or from a vacuum take-away box via tubing or flex hose to the vacuum chamber. The vacuum chamber can be loaded by either a timing cycle which is easily adjusted at the control panel or by an end point-control sensor mounted to the vacuum chamber. After the loading cycle, the vacuum breaks causing the flapper valve to open and the material drop into the process hopper. For more info contact us.

vacuum loaders and pneumatic conveying receivers

*Varies on materials and screen size.

Self-Contained Vacuum Loaders

Models Available: B6-2, B8-6C, C-13-6C, C-20-6C.

The Foremost Self-Contained Vacuum units are ideal for moderate hopper or bin loading tasks. These portable units offer fractional horsepower brush type motors. The units feature a nylon filter and compressed air for easy filter cleaning. Operation requirements are 110V single phase AC and a convenient remote mountable control panel. The loading cycle timer is adjustable for variations in materials and conveying distances and is located inside the panel to minimize the possibility of accidental readjustment of tampering by unauthorized personnel.

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