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Foremost Machine Builders offers a comprehensive line of digital metal detectors to satisfy today's strict requirements for metal contamination. Causes of metallic contamination range from poor quality controls to machine breakdown. Metal particles found in plastic pellets or granulates, foodstuffs or other bulk materials can lead to machine breakdowns, poor product quality and even costly product recalls. The consequences can be severe from expensive maintenance and repair costs, loss of market share or loss of reputation.

Main Features
To prevent metal contamination we offer the latest technology in digital metal detectors that can detect the smallest traces of metal where the media is introduced through a conveyor, a pipeline, or in gravity-fed or free falling system. Our digital detectors are an electronic metal separator which separates metallic contaminants of any kind directly at the machine. They have a space-saving design footprint size of only 320 mm.

Footprint Size - 320mm

Metal removal is conducted by a fast action pneumatic sorting gate. In this way, separation is safe and not dependent on the size of the metallic contaminant. Compared with other systems, our digital metal detector is much more efficient regarding sensitivities, immunity, maintenance, downtimes and operation safety. The user gets several output signals from the evaluation electronics. All settings are quickly and easily made by keys. The most important settings and operating states are displayed be several LEDs. The locking of all operating elements and/or of several functions is made by DIP switches.

metal detectorsOur digital metal detectors react to all kinds of metal including:

  • steel/high-grade
  • steel
  • iron
  • aluminum copper
  • zinc
  • brass
  • noble metal

Material coated metallic particles can also be detected and safely separated.

Our digital metal detectors remove metallic particles with a very high degree of sensitivity and accuracy from slowly moving vertical material flows. This makes them particularly suitable for 

  • installation directly on the material intake of processing machines 
  • pipeline systems
  • installation at extruders below the material hopper

in the 

  • plastics industry
  • foodstuff industry
  • animal food industry
  • pharmaceutical industry

The high sensitivity of our digital metal detectors guarantees the shortest possible machine downtimes and metal-free final products according to nominal sensitivity. Particularly in cases, in which final products can be produced economically only as large series, the MESEP® digital will pay for itself within a very short time.

Operating Principle: Our digital metal detectors consist of the following components:

  • metal detector
  • separator drum
  • digital control electronics

The conveyed material flows vertically through the metal detector and following separator drum into the material intake of the machine. Once metal is detected, the separator drum swings aside for a moment and removes so the metallic particle. The digital control electronics guarantees that even very slowly moving metal contaminants are detected with nominal sensitivity.


  • Our digital metal detectors can be used for slowly moving and freely falling bulk material.
  • The protective tube in the metal detector can be replaced without removing the digital components.
  • The separator drum has a dust-repellent inner surface and is thus to a greet extend wear and service free.
  • Both material intake and discharge are provided with numerous mounting holes to enable direct mounting of many types of peripheral equipment, piping, and attachment to most of the common plastics-processing machines.
  • Digital dual-channel evaluation electronics for maximum sensitivity to a magnetic and nonmagnetic metals.
  • Intrinsically safe electronics for maximum operation safety.
  • RS 232 interface for metal detection logging, data transfer to a PC or remote service

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metal detectors and separators


metal detectors and separators

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